Multilingual support

If you have clients worldwide you definitely need your Help Center to be seen in different languages. Lotus Themes can help you with it, all you need is to choose the right Zendesk plan and enjoy. See how it works below.


Our themes fully support Zendesk multilingual feature. You can provide your customers service in 40+ languages.

Zendesk automatically identifies a user’s language and switches the language of the Help Center accordingly.

What can be translated into 40+ languages  :

  • Help Center content. If you create articles in different languages, the user sees them converted to his language
  • Basic Help Center elements: buttons, comments, search boxes, article and writer details, welcome messages, service alerts, etc. All of them will be translated to the requested language
  • Additional Help Center elements which have been created under the Branding and Customization services: custom-made icons, notifications, callout boxes, text in custom-made elements, etc.


The multilingual feature is available as a part of the Professional and Enterprise Zendesk plans.

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